People Scare Me

People scare me because I’m seeing more and more the uninhabited rooms within them. Or should I say the rooms that are rented out by something else. They keep telling me stuff will work out, suggesting jobs that make me want to put a gun under my chin, and saying that’s normal. Suicidal unhappiness in…


A once-prized Dolce and Gabbana handbag lying in the corner of the bathroom floor, stained in tiny, makeup-covered fingerprints, empty, save two bright hair ties for little girl braids.


I think you wanted it to hurt. I think you liked the thought of me, knotted up with jealousy, chained by hashtags half-written to open up the skin and drag out insecurities. You saw my body deserving of a few small cuts, because I didn’t give you enough proof that I gave a fuck… It…


She opened like a flower to the light, letting it wash over and warm her as she displayed her insides, trembling but unashamed. Each petal pulled and sighed and gave, and she believed she was beautiful. Gasping, pleasure moved to pain, as heat overwhelmed her. Her eyes opened, confusion becoming fear. The light had misled…


It’s a strange act, receding. That precise moment when I feel myself recoil, folding in, and in, down, and down, until fully covered, blanketed, by false calm and learned bravado. . . *featured image created by Lisa McLymont


I find it more than a little difficult to let things go. My apartment is strewn with bits of paper: old cookie fortunes, bus passes, parking tickets, anything I think I might need and a hundred things I know I won’t. Still, I keep them, pressed between the pages of books, hidden under flowerpots, scraps…


I used to be able to tell you anything. Through your silences and perfectly-timed kisses, you opened me up to every word I wanted to speak. Vulnerability, honesty, they were stirred by the taste of your tongue. And together we began unfolding.

Like Ripples

Your smile breaks stillness, ripples on a pond, spreading to your eyes. I breathe in water, smirking, waiting, to drown happily in your laughter.

Cowardly Lion

You like to insist that you were my first man; the first to hold me in solid arms, in a frame that would protect me. You teased me saying I was half in love, and honestly, I was.

Fucking Falsies

God fucking damnit. Mia pulled the false lashes off for the second time. Glue made fine stringy lines before snapping and sticking to her eyelid, mixing with mascara. She was not off to a good start. Still, at least she wasn’t in a rush. There was exactly one hour before the shoot and an Uber…