Apocalypse Now

The world is ending,
haven’t you heard?
The Amazon is on fire,
we’re running out of air,
and the water is about to be
all salt.
Every politician is a parasite
bent on nothing but filling
their swollen bellies with cash,
and food is all manufactured,
edible plastic.
Isn’t that something?

The world is ending,
so I hope you’re fucking
and doing everything you said
you would never do.
Try the drug.
Call in sick.
Burn the bridge.
Now’s the time,
there will not be another,
so seize the moment,
and birth your madness.

The world is ending,
while we scroll through Twitter,
outraged but immobile,
drinking in the champagne
soaked illusion of stability
before the harsh winter
of reality sets in.
Leave me be,
let me live,
because soon all of us
will be nothing
but burning flesh,
twisting and gagging
in carbon choked winds.







*imageĀ Max Pixel

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